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Call for papers

Topics include but are not limited to:

Land resource management
Surveying engineering and geographic information
Disaster prevention and mitigation and protection engineering
Urban planning and design
Landscape planning and design
Landscape architecture design
Landscape engineering
Landscape garden operation management
Green space system planning
Ecological landscape planning
Urban and regional planning
Old city reconstruction and protection of historical and cultural buildings
Urban parks and green space construction
Urban landscape and greenway engineering
Urban green space and landscape management
Urban environment and ecological engineering
Urban road and transportation planning
Urban rail transit engineering
Urban underground space engineering
Urban real estate development and management
Urban water supply and drainage engineering
Bridge and tunnel engineering
Urban underground space engineering
Municipal engineering
Smart municipal engineering
Smart city public lighting
Urban smart grid technology and engineering
Smart city pipe network project
Smart city security engineering
Sustainable city
Safety engineering
Fire engineering
Other related topics

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