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About Shenzhen

Shenzhen, abbreviated as  Shen , also known as Pengcheng, is a sub-provincial city in Guangdong Province, a city specifically designated in the state plan, and a mega city. It is a special economic zone in China, a national economic center city and an international city approved by the State Council. As of the end of 2019, the city has 9 districts with a total area of 1997.47 square kilometers, a built-up area of 927.96 square kilometers, and a permanent population of 13438800. Shenzhen is located in South China, southern Guangdong, and the east bank of the Pearl River Estuary. It borders Daya Bay and Dapeng Bay in the east, the Pearl River Estuary and Lingding Ocean in the west, and is connected to Hong Kong by the Shenzhen River in the south. It is one of the four central cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. 1 A national logistics hub, an international comprehensive transportation hub, an international science and technology industry innovation center, one of China s three national financial centers, and strive to build a pilot demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics, a comprehensive national science center, and a global ocean center city. Shenzhen has a wide range of water, land, air, and railway ports. It is the port city with the largest number of ports, the largest number of people entering and exiting, and the largest traffic volume in China.


Shenzhen has the Yangmeikeng, Nan  ao tourist area, Guanhu Village and Wutong Mountain.

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